Think of it as exercise


I like being dressed up but I hate the act of getting dressed up. I have perfected the art of avoiding ironing. I have bought the perfect slip-on dress shoes. Even though these things make it easier, there’s a small part of me that gets irritated whenever something that used to be easy, is now more difficult.

I recommend thinking of these things as exercise. When you’re doing something that has become difficult for you, like putting on a shirt or picking something up off the floor, think if it as if you would a sit-up — if you push through it, you’ll end up better off.

Exercise isn’t meant to be easy. It’s meant to keep your body in shape. Sometimes it’s difficult and it can be mentally challenging.

It’s easy to get frustrated with menial tasks that used to be easy, like taking a shower or getting dressed. Once I started thinking about these tasks as exercise, the frustration seemed to mostly go away.

And if you think about it, these tasks really are exercise. It’s important to keep doing them so you can, well, keep doing them! If you stop exercising you lose strength and physical ability. If you stop struggling through menial tasks, you might lose the ability to do those too.

So keep on doing them, think of them as being a benefit. If it helps, put Richard Simmons on in the background!

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