A great tabletop hand cycle


One of the easiest exercises to do if you have muscular dystrophy and your legs don’t work that well is to use a tabletop hand-cycle. I use the Magnetrainer. It’s affordable, durable, and heavy so it won’t slide around on you when you’re using it. Compared to some of the other exercise devices out there, it’s so much less expensive but works really well.

The easiest setting is really very easy and I can go for a very log time on it. You can crank it up and make it difficult if you want. It’s very flexible when it comes to how much effort you want to expend.

It also has some other cool features I like:

1. Simple interface that keeps track of your time/progress/speed.
2. Handle attachments (purchased separately) that can replace the foot pedals if you use it solely for your arms.
3. Computer interface (purchased separately) that can plug into your computer and keep track of your progress but also integrate with several different games and exercise software.

The other nice thing about this tabletop exercycle is that it’s not something you’ll throw clothes on when you’re not using it. It’s not big enough!

Check out the Magnetrainer Extended Range Mini Exercise Bike now.

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