Accessible bathroom stalls are not the luxury stalls


There should be big stickers on wheelchair accessible bathroom stalls that say something like “This is not the luxury stall! Use only if other stalls are full!” Because clearly some assholes are not getting the message.

I have been especially disappointed in airports when I will come off a flight, have to pee in a ridiculously bad way, and then find that the ONLY stall occupied in the bathroom is the accessible stall and some bastard is in there reading the paper or on the cell or changing clothes! All three of these things has occurred more than once and I’ve practiced my dirty looks for the occasion since I know it will happen again and again.

I think there’s just a lack of knowledge on the etiquette associated with disabled bathroom stalls. Ideally a warning should be on the outside of the door and the inside somewhere so that at least if someone goes in there and sits down they have to stare at the warning sticker and hopefully learn something if not feel guilty for a moment.

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