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5 Gift ideas for people with muscular dystrophy

As a kid I used to make my Christmas wish list by flipping through the JCPenney’s catalog and typing up a spreadsheet of everything I wanted, including the page number and letter of the item, just to clear up any … Continue reading

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Don’t think about it so much

There is a fine line between being prepared and over-thinking something. Dealing with a disability often requires advance preparation. However, preparing for the worst can often change into expecting the worst. When this happens, you miss out on a lot … Continue reading

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It’s BMD Awareness Week!

We are in the midst of Becker Muscular Dystrophy Awareness Week! Please checkout the BMD Awareness Week Facebook page and learn about the disorder or share your story! There are many people with BMD connecting on Facebook so please use … Continue reading

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A book about FSH MD

Since we can all relate to neuromuscular disease experiences, let me share with you a new book about living with FSH MD called, “The Graceful Art of Falling” by L. White. You can also check out the accompanying Facebook page … Continue reading

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London in a Power Wheelchair

I recently had an amazing time in London despite traveling with an electric wheelchair AND having a few drama-filled incidents. I learned a few things and wanted to share them with people in chairs who might want to travel there. … Continue reading

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Awesome surfer with muscular dystrophy

Love it when people share these things with me — a great short film about Ryan Levinson, a surfer with a form of muscular dystrophy. I can’t say much more about it so just watch the film! The Present Moment … Continue reading

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What is disability discrimination if not this…

I have been researching some possible vacation ideas, specifically cruises in the British Isles. One of the cruise lines, Windstar, talks about accessibility on their cruises, which can be found here. Windstar does not discriminate against persons on the basis … Continue reading

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Pay attention to what makes you uncomfortable

There are many things that make me physically uncomfortable — wearing wet jeans, sitting on a crease in my pants, sleeping on one side for too long — just to name a few. But there are also a bunch of … Continue reading

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I think I get better customer service

I hear people complaining about customer service all the time. I’d have to say that RARELY am I met with such ridiculous stories. I know it happens. Maybe I’m just lucky. When I go grocery shopping the cashiers are usually … Continue reading

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Back to swimming

A few years ago I was going to aquatherapy quite a bit. I loved it — exercising in the water and then doing some swimming afterwards. After seeing some of the Paralympic swimming online a few weeks ago I decided … Continue reading

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