Back to swimming


A few years ago I was going to aquatherapy quite a bit. I loved it — exercising in the water and then doing some swimming afterwards. After seeing some of the Paralympic swimming online a few weeks ago I decided I wanted to get back to swimming. What’s cool about Paralympic swimming is that there are many classifications so that people of similar abilities race against each other. Even if you have muscular dystrophy, you can compete.

So I finally got back in the pool last night and already have come up with a list of a few challenges to tackle:

  1. Improve my arm range of motion so I can reach back far enough to have an effective back stroke.
  2. Figure out a way to sit back upright after floating on my back
  3. Remember how I flip myself over after floating on my stomach.
  4. Figure out how to change out of my gear in less than 15 minutes and get to the car without freezing!

After getting home last night and rinsing off all the chlorine, I felt great. It was nice being able to get back to the pool. Try it sometime! Bring along someone to help you if you are nervous about it!

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