Busy is good


I realized I was delinquent with posting during the last few weeks and thought about how priorities get spread around when I’ve got a lot on my plate. Right now, I’m split between staying on top of the blog, getting work done for clients, and constantly looking for new work opportunities. Toss in hobbies and hanging out with family, and my schedule fills up quickly. It also didn’t help that the U.S. Open has been on virtually nonstop the last week or so! For me, there are two ways to look at being “busy” — you either love it or you hate it. I think it’s much easier to love being busy but I’ve only recently come to think this way.

First, busy means you’re doing a lot of things. If the alternative is sitting in front of the TV all day, then there’s no contest — it’s better to be busy. Whether it’s work or appointments or cleaning or personal time, busy always feels better to me when I’m in the moment. Thinking about being busy is not such a great feeling, however, which is something that holds me, and others back.

For example, when I think about being busy in the future, I don’t like the feeling that arises. It’s a feeling of being overwhelmed or scared of all the things that could possibly go wrong even though nothing has even started yet. This feeling is a big deterrent when it comes to taking on new responsibilities, jobs, clients, and even hobbies. But when I think about the times I was busy in the past, it feels good. I recall being productive, and happy. While being busy, the feelings are mixed between feeling overwhelmed, but also productive. These feeling flip flop back and forth and stay in check, at least for me. But what’s important to me is how I feel at the end of the day. I feel much better at the end of a busy day than I do at the end of a day when I haven’t accomplished anything.

Another benefit of being busy is that I don’t think as much about the worrisome things. Whether it’s something that’s bothering me or something coming up in the future, I just don’t have time to spare worrying about how things might pan out or even how things went in the past. Being busy lets me stay in the right now, and I like that.

Finally, I think being busy is an indicator of progress — progress towards dreams and goals, for myself and others. Moving forward is always a good thing. I don’t move forward on days I do nothing.

The easy thing to do is laze around. But easy isn’t always the most satisfying thing. This is a tough lesson to learn because lazing can often include fun things like playing video games or talking on the phone or surfing the internet. But lazing isn’t satisfying to me and it shouldn’t be satisfying to you. It’s not as great as being busy. On that note, back to work!

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