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  1. rita hanly says:

    I,m terrified of the unknown. My two sons were diagnosed in February. 2011. They are 12 and 15. They were playing waterpolo but had huge muscle break downs that led to rabdomyalsis (broken down muscle proteins end up in urine) wand both have had their kidneys flushed at the er a few times now. They can walk now but my son has 44cm calves . I don’t know any boys who hav it — older or younger. Can you tell me when does the walking ability cease? How much should you let them do? They are two boys that want to wrestle and throw balls I know you don’t have a crystal ball but I need to know from others when they first had trouble walking or couldn’t at all. Thank you. Thank you.

    be.wwalking wwill become difficult or werent able to. My doctor says its variable but I need to know.some others stories to help me with the unknown! Ple

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