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Feeling overwhelmed by muscular dystrophy

I haven’t put out many posts in the last weeks and tried to think about why. Curiously, I have been doing/hearing a lot about muscular dystrophy in the last few months so you’d think I’d have lots to write about. … Continue reading

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How your business loses money when your building is not accessible

There are a lot of options out there for restaurants, dentists, doctors, coffee houses and auto shops. If your location is not wheelchair accessible you are definitely losing money. Countless times each year I change my mind and spend my … Continue reading

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Food accessibility nightmares

The last time I tried to open the cap on a plastic juice bottle I went through a knife, a scissors, and finally a razor blade to separate the cap with that little ring that’s designed to “break away” so … Continue reading

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Happy New Year

My writing has taken a back seat to a few different issues in the last month, the biggest of which has been my dad’s health issues. During this time I have learned several very important things about how I need … Continue reading

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Reminder: Becker MD conference this weekend

Although I personally will not be able to attend the conference in Los Angeles, there is going to be a webcast of it available online Saturday during the event (and probably after). For more information about the conference check out … Continue reading

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Is it courage if it’s not a choice?

I wrote a paper in high school about courage and my argument was that you’re really not courageous if you had no choice in the matter. For example, just because I have a disability doesn’t mean I’m courageous simply because … Continue reading

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Everybody has their “stuff”

Several times throughout my life I have encountered situations where friends were reluctant to tell me about their problems — physical, relationship, work, whatever. In a few of these cases they admitted that they didn’t want to seem like they … Continue reading

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Avoid being a burden

If you have to rely on someone else for help, it’s easy to feel like a burden. In my experience there are several things you can do to make sure you maintain a healthy relationship with the people around you … Continue reading

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