Check out “My Beckers Story”


If you haven’t seen Brad’s website, My Becker’s Story, then check it out.

Whenever I read his posts, I am reminded of where I used to be several years ago. It’s difficult for me to always remember or capture some of the stresses associated with having muscular dystrophy and Brad’s latest post about “weak days” reminded me a lot about what I used to deal with myself.

It’s odd to me that I just wrote “used to deal with.” It’s natural to assume that having muscular dystrophy is a constant downward progression. For me, however, once I started using a wheelchair my life seemed to take a huge jump upward since it made more things possible. I’d have to say that from a mobility, freedom, independence and stress standpoint I am probably better off now than I was 10 years ago.

But in hindsight I gained a lot from going through that period of strained mobility. I appreciate mobility more now. I’m happier but also aware that I am happier, so I appreciate feeling better too.

Another reason I like to read his website is that Brad keeps going after what he wants and likes to do. He has done many car reviews and has some great thoughts on disability programs in Canada. So go check it out!

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