Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Q&A


The Cincinnati Children’s Hospital is putting together a free online live Q&A with Dr.
Jeffrey Towbin and Dr. John Jeffries From CCH on May 22nd, 2012 at
7:00pm ET to help families who struggle with early onset Cardio
Myopathy related to Muscular Dystrophy.

We would like to invite families and friends dealing with Muscular
Dystrophy to join us! This is a rare opportunity to have your
questions answered in a real time, small, private session along with
other families who are coping with the same medical condition.

Dr. Towbin is the co-director and chief of Pediatric Cardiology and
Dr. Jeffries is the co-director of Advanced Heart Failure and
Cardiomyopathy at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital. They have
extensive experience treating patients with Muscular Dystrophy and
have written numerous publications dealing with Pediatric Cardiology.

Click the link below to visit the CCH Eventbrite page
and RSVP for the event!

RSVP Here:

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