Cold weather makes me heavy


It’s 47 degrees this morning and it’s almost the last week of May. This is wrong. As I woke up and got out of bed, I felt cold and heavy.

I’ve always had the sneaking suspicion that cold weather made my arms and legs feel heavier. When I was walking, it felt like climbing stairs in winter was usually more labored. Nowadays, moving around in the cold is noticeably more difficult than when warm. It’s not THAT much more difficult, but just enough to make me think it seems tougher. Combine that with the extra layers of clothing I have to wear when it’s cold out and it can be a chore just maneuvering regularly. It’s amazing what even a light sweatshirt can do to make my arms feel like I’ve got weights attached to them.

When the body is cold, blood flow to the extremities is reduced. This could explain why my arms and legs don’t move as well as they could. Blood flow to muscles is integral in performance. This is why athletes usually do “warm-ups” prior to athletic events.

People always ask me why I don’t dress more warmly when it’s cold out and it’s difficult to explain that I’d rather have cold arms that aren’t weighed down by three layers of clothes than not be able to move them to 100% of my ability.

I can’t wait until it’s back up to the 70s so I don’t have to be cold or answer that question anymore. Hurry up, summer!

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