Cool Stuff Roundup: Drawing, Report Disabled Parking Violations, and Accessible Tickets


I thought it might be neat to showcase some of the things I come across while surfing (wasting time) on the internet. Sometimes they’ll be related to muscular dystrophy or disabilities, but sometimes not! Here we go.

1. Drawception

Remember the “Telephone Game” where someone starts with a phrase, whispers it to the next person, and so-on until you get to the end and find out the phrase has totally changed? That’s what Drawception aims to accomplish but with words and drawings. Some of the themes are a bit nerdy, but the whole thing is fun and will help you fine-tune your drawing skills!

2. Report disabled parking violators with your phone!

I came across this app that lets you take photos of a violator and they’ll send it to your city. The best part is that if the city cites the driver, your favorite charity gets a donation! I have yet to spot a violator but I can’t wait to try it! Search for “Parking Mobility” in your phone’s app store or visit their website:

3. Start looking for real-time accessible ticket buying!

In the past, I’ve written about how it’s a pain to have to call a box office to order wheelchair accessible tickets. Well, the Pabst Theater, here in Milwaukee, has started letting you buy accessible tickets in real time! I have done it and it’s fantastic.

That’s it for this week’s updates! Have fun!

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  1. Catherine chan says:

    Hey check out 30,000 miles around the world in a wheelchair , this guy is setting off on an amazing trip in June , and he’s looking for company! (andy Campbell)

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