Deciding vs. going along for the ride


I decided to take a trip with some friends and this cottage in Jamaica continues to motivate me!

Are you the kind of person who makes a decision to do something or do you tend to go along with whatever happens? Sometimes it can be difficult to be a proactive decision maker for your own life when there’s something like muscular dystrophy hanging over your head. However, by making some positive life decisions, you can start looking at muscular dystrophy like you do the weather — it has an effect on you but you can deal with it.

The decision to accept

Accepting the impact of muscular dystrophy is a very important step. For me, it meant starting to be open about it with people once I got to college. It was extremely freeing to tell people my story and eventually the disorder became as inconsequential to me as having brown hair. It is just something I have, deal with appropriately, and refuse to let take over my existence.

The decision to do what you want anyway

If there’s something you love to do, there’s usually a way to figure out how to do it. I have mentioned this many times before on this blog. The most powerful thing you can do is make the decision to do what you want. I decided several years ago that I wanted to play wheelchair tennis in tournaments all around the world and get a world ranking. Once I made the decision to do that, the rest became a natural progression of smaller decisions like, “Where am I going to take lessons?” and “Which tournaments should I play in?”

The decision to take action

Sometimes mental stumbling blocks lead us to convince ourselves that “this will be too difficult” or “that’s not possible” or “that will take too much work.” We translate physical difficulties into mental ones and then we don’t even try. Deciding to try to figure out a way past an obstacle is often the only motivation you need to start conquering the real, physical, obstacle. Why let something going on inside your brain keep you from doing something you haven’t physically tried yet?

The decision to keep moving

Whatever it is you want to decide to do, whether it’s get a job, take a trip, volunteer somewhere, buy a new car, or move to a new place, there’s always a next task or next step waiting for you. Sometimes it seems like these steps are endless, but they’re not. If you keep moving forward, making the little decisions and taking actions, you’ll get there eventually. Then you’ll look back and amaze yourself by reflecting on all you did to get there.

People who go along for the ride waste a lot of time. They wait for things to happen to them vs. decide to go out and do the things they want. It doesn’t work for the small things and it really doesn’t work for the big things. Think about it — if you were hungry for pizza would you just sit at home and wait for one to show up? No! You’d decide to order one and get on the phone! So why let the bigger things try to find their way to you? Decide what you want to do then go do it!

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