Disability Travel Tip: Airport to Hotel


Another great stress reducer when flying with a disability is to figure out the best way to get from the airport to your hotel prior to traveling. Most cities have taxi companies with accessible vehicles, so you can easily call ahead to make arrangements. Often, the private shuttle companies will have a van or two in their fleets as well – but in my experience you still need to call ahead so they can have that particular van ready for you. Many accessible van rental companies will drop off the vehicle to you at the airport even if their office is not anywhere near the airport. Occasionally this comes with an additional fee, but is very convenient. You can also drop off the vehicle at the airport as well.

Several cities have great public transit between airports and areas near major hotels. The only thing to keep in mind here is that you want to make sure the transit options are running when you arrive. If you have a late flight make sure trains and buses aren’t done for the night. And if you plan on taking public transit to get to an early flight you want to check the schedules as well.

Personally I prefer making two plans. Plan A is to arrange private transportation or taxi and confirm this ride the day before your trip. Plan B is a public transit route, just in case your Plan A arrives late or not at all. This doesn’t happen very frequently but if it does, at least you’re not stuck.

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