Disabled people live everywhere


I was daydreaming about going to Europe and caught myself hesitating. A slight fear crept in that was rooted in the phrase, “How will I get around?” I hate it when those sorts of fears creep in but I love it that I am now able to control that fear by reminding myself that disabled people live everywhere. Why wouldn’t I be able to get around in my wheelchair wherever it is I want to go? Other people who live there do it every day.

Logistics are a common concern for everyone, disabled or not. There are some logistical issues with traveling to unknown places like: “How will I get from the airport to my hotel?” or “How will we get around the city?” The key to getting over these questions is remembering that there are answers to these questions no matter where you plan on going. How do I know this? Because people move about the Earth all day every day and many of them do it in wheelchairs, with walkers, canes, etc. Some are deaf, some are blind. These people can do it, so why can’t you?

Think about how you get around your own city for a minute. Is it scary? Probably not. Or at least not as much as an outsider might fear. Someone said to me once, “I really want to go to Hawaii but I am afraid about how difficult it will be to get around.” I first laughed out loud but then said, “You have nothing to worry about it, I do it every day!” The funny thing is that the person saying this was able-bodied!

Fear of new things and places is common. But if you find yourself deterred by fear, remind yourself of the following:

Someone else does this/that every day! I can do it!

Now go plan your trip.

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