Do I think about having muscular dystrophy every day?


The short answer is, “no.” The more complicated answer is “probably.”

I don’t think I consciously address the fact that I have muscular dystrophy on a regular basis, especially not every day. Even though I find myself transferring into a wheelchair first thing in the morning the conscious thought of “Oh that’s right I have muscular dystrophy” never crosses my mind.

I say that there’s a more complicated answer of “probably” only because it’s possible that I subconsciously address the issue every day or even every time I do something that might be difficult. But if I do this it’s only because it’s my brain telling my body I’m going to need to adjust to accomplish a particular task.

For my daily tasks, everything I do has become so streamlined that it’s like when you ride a bike and don’t have to think about riding a bike, you just do. Whether it’s my routine or my body movements, there’s very little conscious acknowledgement of why I am doing something a particular way. I just do it.

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