Do you daydream or do you worry?


I was waiting impatiently for the elevator today and decided instead of getting upset I was going to let my mind go blank and try to “meditate” to avoid the frustration. Then I thought I should daydream instead. That’s when it occurred to me that when I have an occasion to just sit and “think” I am usually worrying about something and not daydreaming at all.

I know I used to daydream as a kid. I would think about the fun things I was planning on doing after I got home from school or make up some imaginary place to go to while bored in math class. But nowadays my mind will often jump to some immediate worry or irrational concern. Although I am fairly good at managing this, I wonder if this happens because I’ve conditioned myself over time to worry.

In high school I used to worry about logistical things like getting up stairs and up from my desk quite often. Again, it was not all-consuming but it was regularly enough such that it became a habit, and still is to some extent. I don’t really like it.

So maybe now is the time to start daydreaming again, whenever I can. Often I try to clear my mind but maybe I should mix in some daydreaming time as well. After all, if meditation is supposed to help reduce stress and make you feel better I would venture a guess that daydreaming is equally powerful.

So do you daydream or do you worry?

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