Don’t think about it so much


There is a fine line between being prepared and over-thinking something. Dealing with a disability often requires advance preparation. However, preparing for the worst can often change into expecting the worst. When this happens, you miss out on a lot because it’s easy to convince yourself not to do something.

If you have ever had the chance to jump off a diving board, particularly a high dive, then you know what over-thinking can do. It will freeze you right there, on top of the board, your hand up to your face, your knees quivering. Over-thinking stops you from jumping. “Don’t think about it, just jump!” someone yells. This is the same advice you hear people yell at that scared jumper just about every time.

So don’t over-think it next time you plan to do something. Grab your phone, your supplies, everything you know you need, and just go. This applies to everything — making calls, asking for help, traveling, getting a job, going to school, and trying anything new. If it helps, write a list of things you need “just in case.” Get those things and stop your worrying right there. Use the list next time and you won’t even have to think about it.

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