Dream first, plan later


Do you limit your dreams by thinking about your disability first? I’ll admit sometimes it’s easy to immediately think, “Oh but that will be too difficult because of my wheelchair…” or some other excuse. People who don’t have a disability think this way too about things in their lives too. ┬áTo overcome this I remind myself to dream first and plan later. Here’s why:

1) You never know where a dream might lead you.

One of the first rules of brainstorming is never judge an idea when it comes out. Why? Because that idea, even if not feasible, could lead to a different idea that could work. Ideas are connected to one another and you never know where one idea might lead.

2) Few things are impossible.

Say you want to climb a mountain? Did you know that there’s a guy with no arms and no legs that is training to do just that? I’ve also read about people who use wheelchairs ascending mountains too, not necessarily in their wheelchairs but as part of a group that went climbing.

3) Don’t forget about human power.

If humans could assemble Stonehenge, then humans can help you when your disability necessitates it. Sometimes I forget that if necessary, a bunch of people could get together and lift me and/or my chair up a step or down a hill or into a car or onto a boat. I can’t even count how many times strangers have assisted me if necessary. People are always around to help.

4) A decision is not action. You can always change your mind.

Dreaming about cruising down the Amazon river is much different than actually cruising down the Amazon. Why? Because the latter requires action. Even the planning stages don’t require real action yet. So why would you want to say, “No!” before you even get to the planning stage? The planning stage is the place where you can REALLY come to learn about how much effort you are willing to put in to achieve a dream. Nothing is lost but a little time, so why not at least explore your dream a bit before deciding against it?

5) Surprises await.

Thanks to the Internet there are many tools out there to explore and plan your dream trip, dream job, dream activity, or whatever dream is out there. You might be surprised to find there’s someone out there who has already done exactly what you want to do and has laid out their plans right there in front of you!

6) You’re not alone.

If you want to visit Ireland but don’t know anybody there and have no idea where to start, then start with an expert. There are many accessible travel experts out there who can guide you or even set you up with an accessible tour! If you’re trying to break into a certain field, there’s probably someone out there with a disability who you could talk to and figure out where to go next. Seeking out help is often as simple as a Google search. Go ahead try searching for help with your dream right now using the form below!

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