Excuse me, are you okay to drive?


I used to walk like a really good drunk, even when I’d had nothing to drink. A friend of mine claims I actually walked more normally when I was drinking!

In my early 20s there were several occasions when a stranger would ask me if I was okay to drive. This never bothered me. I looked at it as this person being genuinely concerned. After all, I wasn’t wearing a sign with my medical history on it — so I’d probably assume the same thing.

Combining my awkward & precarious-looking walk with the fact that I needed help getting up from a chair and often had to grab someone’s shoulder for support, how could I blame ANYONE for thinking I was drunk? After all, I wasn’t using a cane or anything at that point.

So instead of getting irritated by it, I would just complete the act and whip out my keys. Not surprisingly this increased the level of anonymous concern from strangers!

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