Feeling overwhelmed by muscular dystrophy


I haven’t put out many posts in the last weeks and tried to think about why. Curiously, I have been doing/hearing a lot about muscular dystrophy in the last few months so you’d think I’d have lots to write about.

I was able to attend the Becker MD conference in Chicago. I started participating in a mentoring program for people with Becker muscular dystrophy. The telethon came and went. I started reading lots of great posts on muscular dystrophy blogs and the BMDers facebook page. I was asked to participate in a support group via Skype (which will be cool!)

I think I’m just overwhelmed by all the focusing on muscular dystrophy lately. It’s not that my condition is any worse or that I’m frustrated with anything physical. I think my brain only has a set amount of space to focus on it and it’s overloaded.

I’m happy that my motivation to post something today must mean that it’s all clearing up, which is great. So now I can get back to adding some good content to this site, especially since I’ve had a lot to think about lately!


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