Grumpy disabled people


Grumpy disabled people are annoying. Sure, maybe they have a reason to be grumpy, but the fact is I know people with all sorts of disabilities that are happy as clams, including myself. If we can be happy, anyone can be happy. Grumpy disabled people take note — I don’t think you’re any different than grumpy able-bodied people. You’re all annoying whether you can walk or not.

We all have our grumpy moments, so it’s never a safe assumption that someone’s grumpy after one interaction. But after repeated interactions that elicit grumpiness, you are safe to say that person needs to lighten up.

I don’t care if your disability was caused by someone else, or the result of a war injury, or if you were born with it. I really don’t. If you’re a grump, you’re living life all wrong. Grumps make it difficult for everyone. They increase the stress of people around them. They give happy disabled people a bad name. But most of all they’re hurting themselves. A negative attitude exacerbates or creates health issues. It drives people away. It makes people less likely to want to help you.

If you need help wiping your ass, you better put a smile on your face.

There are many cause of grumpiness but all have some sort of “cure.” If you’re depressed, seek therapy and anti-depressants. If you’re in pain, seek pain management care. If you’ve got a chip on your shoulder, change your attitude. If you feel as though you’ve been wronged, practice forgiveness. If you make the choice to deal with your grumpiness and still have no luck, I credit you for trying — keep trying. But if you haven’t made any effort, then this is a choice to remain grumpy and annoy all the rest of us.

Choosing to be happy is much more rewarding.

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