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Heated Vest by Gerbing's

I have been researching heated clothing for a while and finally decided to get a heated vest.

Why a vest? Well I hate when I have to wear warm clothing and the extra weight on my arms makes me feel l am carrying around lead weights. So with a vest, my arms are free to move about and I can wear a light, long sleeved shirt and still be a functioning human being. The trade-off is colder arms, but I can live with that.

So I picked up a heated vest by Gerbing’s and have been trying it out for the past week. I love it!

It comes with a small battery that fits in the pocket of the vest and has several power settings. Of course it lasts the longest (approx 6-8 hours) at the lowest setting, but for the most heat you’re going to want to crank it up to full power. At that setting it’ll go for at most 2 hours, but if you’re just going in and out of the car you can just turn it on/off as needed.¬†One concern I had was that the battery would be heavy or inconveniently located, but once I got it and tried it out, there were no problems.

The next thing I might try is the heated pad they have that you can sit on. This would come in handy for those times when I plan on being outside for some time or if it gets REALLY cold out.

One of my friends and a reader of this blog, Gord, mentioned that there is a way to create “do it yourself” heated clothing and passed along this link as well. I haven’t tried that yet, but looks like a way to get your pants blazing hot for those cold days!

Here are some other tips I have for staying warm during the upcoming winter months!

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  1. Gord Wallen says:

    Thanks for the mention Dan. I’ve been thinking of heated clothing as well. Looks like Gerbing is the best but the prices are on the high side. For me the biggest problem being out in the cold are my arms and legs. When they get cold (usually first) I lose 50% of my strength in those areas. It takes hours to warm up again. Like you I have difficulty with bulky sleeves. I think a heated liner jacket and pants would work great. But it would being in the $500 range here in Canada. I think it would be worth the investment though. I use my scooter in late fall, on nice winter days and early spring to walk the dog, so connecting the scooter battery could be a possibility. It sure it would be better than doning the “A Christmas Story” snow suit scene! http://youtu.be/HW4IZ0Flh3M LOL

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