How do you want to be described?


Think about the last time someone told you about somebody you didn’t know. How did they describe that person? Nice? Fun? Happy? Or were they mean? Negative? Depressed?

Now think about how someone might describe you and your outlook on life. Would they say you are happy and positive? Or depressed and negative?

Look around you. Think about the people you know who could be described as happy and positive. Are you acting like them?

If you would prefer to be described as positive and happy then you need to start acting that way. Find something right now that’s positive in your life and think about it for a minute. Force yourself to smile.

For some people, finding a positive attitude is as struggle and yes, sometimes requires therapy and medication. But over time, the more you get yourself into a positive state of mind, the more likely you are to be positive by habit.

So keep practicing!

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