How I get my socks and shoes on


Socks and shoes have always been a battle for me. More recently, the ability to bend my legs enough to get socks on has resulted in too much time wasted with this simple task. I have mentioned in a previous post that my favorite shoes are actually slippers, which remains true. However, now that I’ve tracked down a solution for socks and shoes, I make life easier when I do actually have to wear them.

1. Get a sock aid

I bought the above sock aid and it took a few times to get used to but it works great for me. I found that I had to push against a wall with it a little to get my heel down into it because sometimes it sticks. However in combination with the long shoe horn described below, I actually have cut my sock time dramatically.

2. Get an extra long shoe horn.

Someone gave me the above shoe horn and it was extremely helpful with putting on dress shoes. I have also begun using it in combination with the sock aid if my heel gets stuck while putting socks on. It reduces the need to bend down so far that you can’t reach or can’t get back up.

I also find that wearing socks and shoes larger than my actual size is a big help too. This is, of course, because I no longer walk. It’s actually much more comfortable when fit doesn’t really matter and you can go big!

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