How warmth makes me feel


Warmth is one of my life’s simple pleasures. Just now I came into my small home office after taking a break from work and the room was filled with the warmth from the small heater I left on. Immediately those chills I’d been feeling were gone. It made me comfortable and happy in a way only warmth can do. There are many sources of warmth in my life that make me feel this way.

Take for instance that warmth you feel when you get into a car that has been warmed by the sun while you’ve been shopping for groceries or working your job. For me, whether it is chilly outside or hot out, there is a moment where the energy from that heat envelopes me. I know there’s a point where I might start to feel too hot, but for those few seconds I am comfortable and it feels good.

There’s also the warmth from warm water. I have been known to drain a water heater while taking a shower. I used to enjoy warm baths and soaking in a hot tub. Feeling the water wrap around my arms and legs is like an instant boost of comfort and energy. I look forward to the day when I can easily take a warm bath again after I save up for a slide-in bath tub.

I also make sure it’s warm when I am sleeping. I often use an electric blanket on my feet or a down comforter even if it’s the middle of summer. I usually can’t fall asleep until my feet are warmed up significantly. This warmth makes it really difficult to get out of bed in the morning, but it also makes it impossible not to have a good night’s sleep.

Then of course there’s the warmth from people. This is both a physical and emotional warmth. It’s easy to forget how much warmth emanates from the human body until you feel it in a hug or those moments when you are physically very close to someone else. I also find that the warmth of receiving a compliment or a note or some endearing words can make me feel as though I am physically warm all over. It makes me feel that way to give those things to others as well.

So when it’s cold outside I think I appreciate the moments of warmth more than ever, and I guess that’s one of the things about life: You need to experience cold in order to appreciate warmth. I guess that’s why when I sleep I am fine if the air is cold. In fact, I usually have the air conditioner turned on just so I can use the electric blanket. It amplifies the feeling of warmth.

We all need to experience the negative in order to appreciate the positive. This is why after a few days of cold and rain, I know this weekend will feel so much better when it is clear, sunny, and warm.

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  1. Melissa Barrow says:

    Hi! I just read this post and the previous one about cold weather. My form of muscular dystrophy is Central Core Disease. I have such a problem with the cold and the heaviness of winter clothing. I just made the comment to my mother (I’m 43) that I want to live in a location where shorts and t-shirts are the norm, not just summer wear! And one day, I may end up in that location. It is funny how the warmth you describe is the same for me. When I am being nice, I tell others to take their showers first because there will be no hot water when I am finished!

    You have some interesting thoughts and views that are similar to mine of what I have read so far!

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