I don’t care what you can’t do anymore. What CAN you do?


When I first started meeting other people with muscular dystrophy, I noticed that many of the first conversations revolved around things they couldn’t do anymore. For example, I remember one guy I met and the sentences out of his mouth were:

“I see you’re having difficulty walking. I can’t walk more than 20 feet without sitting. I can’t really brush my hair well anymore, either. Showering is really tough too…”

Well isn’t that inspiring? Believe it or not, this occurred at a muscular dystrophy support group. So much for the support!

That conversation stuck with me because I really did not want to be like that. Many times throughout the years I have reminded myself to focus on what I can do and make sure I share with others what I can do, not what I can’t.

If you think about what you CAN do, you can come up with a really long list, no matter who you are. I think it’s unfortunate when people focus so much on the long list of things they cannot do. This is just going to make you feel inadequate and depressed. Why bother?

When you start to focus on what you can do, you will be able to see how those things can start to work together. You can see where you can contribute, regardless of your skill or strength. When you are able to show what you CAN do, others notice. Others remember. Then before you know it, you’ve got other people asking you for help, asking you to teach them, and wanting you to work with/for them.

So go and compile a list of what you CAN do and keep them in mind. It will really change your attitude.

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