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Occasionally I check in to Yahoo Answers and look for questions to answer about disability or muscular dystrophy or whatever else I feel like I can contribute a decent answer to. Without fail I will come across a question like one of the following:

Are girls turned off by a guy in a wheelchair?
Will I be able to date if I have a disability?
Will a girl go out with a guy in a wheelchair?

And so on…

Clearly this is a common question to have if you are in a wheelchair or have a disability, particularly if you have not been around others in the same situation who have dated, found love, and gotten married. I have had the same thoughts and feelings about this in the past.

The fact of the matter is that you can expect to have the same experiences with love even though you might be disabled or use a wheelchair. Your concerns are not unlike the concerns of most other people with or without a disability. Everyone has the same insecurities about dating — “Who will ever love me?” or “Nobody is going to want to date me because…” is a common thought among even the most attractive and able-bodied people.

So if you’ve thought about the above questions for yourself, don’t worry about it. You will have opportunities for love in your life that you might discover in the most unexpected places. You never know what might be around the corner. So keep your eyes and ears open, don’t discount the fact that someone might be interested in you, and be yourself.

One day you’ll wonder why you ever asked the question in the first place.

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One Response to Love & Disability

  1. Chris68 says:

    It is only the matter of Honesty, Respect and Tolerance in the other hand huge amount of Courage to tell what you feel and what you really are .
    My wife knew from the beginn what i have , what Muscle Dysthropie is, she even make a research about BMD and she didnt mind at all that i am having such a dissability.
    of course there are several women that are Superficial but in the other hand theres enough women that are not like the other. so just keep on smiling :-)

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