Making (almost) everywhere you go accessible


I carry a 7ft ramp like this in my van.

People like to fuss about making sure I can get into their homes. I appreciate the fuss but it’s no longer necessary since I started carrying my own portable wheelchair ramp in my van.

If you have your own wheelchair ramp everywhere you go then there are few places you can’t get into (at least in the suburbs). Sure there will be the occasional exception, but I have found that the ramp I bring with me usually does the trick. It beats rolling up precarious-looking pieces of wood that someone tore off an old picnic table.

I have found that a folding 7 foot ramp fits perfectly in the back of my minivan (and in the middle section) and allows you the ability to get up three or even four steps if necessary. You might also want to carry a smaller single-piece ramp in addition to the folding ramp just in case. There are a few places I could have used a smaller ramp as well.

Overall it just makes thing much easier on you and your family and friends when you come prepared. Check out a bunch of wheelchair ramps now to find out more information.

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