Making things easier is easier than you think


The house  I bought a few years ago with my sister and her family was built in the 1950s when there were few things to power besides the lights. So most of my space downstairs and all of their bedrooms are on the same circuit. It’s about this time of year when my portable heater gets turned on and unfortunately we start blowing the fuse if someone so much as creates a static electric shock on a doorknob. When we first moved in, an electrician said it would be almost impossible if not super costly to make it so that this wouldn’t happen. So we put up with the problem instead.

But finally this week I had a different electrician come over and he was in and out with a solution that took all of five hours and a couple hundred dollars. I am not sure exactly what he did with the wiring but I have new outlets in my office that are on a different circuit and I can run the heater or any of my other appliances without taking out the power to the house every half hour.

I learned a few things from this:

1) Don’t wait for a second opinion if you have any suspicion that something is possible.

2) Don’t wait so long to solve a problem. Just because something seems difficult to you doesn’t mean an expert wouldn’t have a solution.

3) If something becomes a pain in the butt, it will never change unless you act to make it change.

The above is true for many thing, not just electricity problems. It’s the same with health issues, wheelchairs, cars, and even relationships. If something can be fixed or made easier, why wait?

For four years we dealt with blowing fuses a few times a week. That was way too long to wait to do something about it. One big reason we waited is because we assumed because one “expert” said it wasn’t possible, that it wasn’t. We should have asked around, done some research, and then decided for ourselves whether it was possible or not. The lazy thing to do is accept something that one person tells you without doing some additional research.

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