Maybe your purpose is just to live


Do you ever wonder what your purpose is? Why you are here? What you are supposed to be doing?

It’s a difficult question to answer and even more so when you have muscular dystrophy or another disorder that makes living life somewhat challenging. Sometimes, unfortunately, people decide their life has no purpose. This could be an easy conclusion to come to when you have a disability.

But deciding your life has no purpose is entirely the wrong conclusion.

Maybe your purpose in life is simply to live. Live and face the challenges that your disorder or disability puts in front of your face. Maybe all you have to do is do whatever anyone else is supposed to do — grow up, go to school, get a job, meet people along the way, and just live.

These things are definitely more challenging when you have the added weight of physical impairments, but there are ways. If one person with your disorder can do it, so can you, and you can be proud of living because you know it’s a challenge just to live.

Many times we are told that we have to achieve great things in order to lead a purposeful life. In many of my posts on this site I tell you great things are possible, and they are. However I also think there is a lot to be said for facing the challenge of a disability head-on and living life. I mean, that’s an incredible task in and of itself.

I’ve had people tell me they’re amazed by many of the basic life things that I have done, like go to school, live independently, and work. These are things that most people do but because I have muscular dystrophy, others perceive those basic life things as difficult, which they are at times. But these people are motivated by me and the fact that I do those things nevertheless.

So if you struggle to find your purpose, get settled with the basic purpose of living — getting up, brushing your teeth, eating breakfast, and then going to school or work or whatever you do. You’ll motivate others in their own lives. You’ll also get comfortable with living and then when it becomes second nature you can move onto other purposes! After all, we can have more than one!

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