My accessible travels: Dunedin, NZ


Dunedin from the hills at Larnach Castle

The first time I set foot (or wheels) in New Zealand, I expected to see beautiful hillsides filled with sheep. That’s exactly what I got when I arrived in Dunedin, NZ, a ridiculously picturesque small city on the South Island. Prior to my arrival I arranged a private driver to pick me up from the cruise ship and take me around for a half day. This sounds like it would be pricey, but it was actually quite affordable and would be even cheaper if you split it among a few people.

I am the kind of tourist who loves seeing as much as possible, as quickly as possible, so I told the driver to just take me all over the place, with the exception of one particular stop — the Larnach Castle — which for whatever reasons I had my hopes set on seeing. So she drove me around for a couple hours and we stopped at the castle for a quick tour of the grounds. You can take a garden tour or do the whole thing but it’s not accessible inside so you can’t really see much by wheelchair. But from the grounds there were amazing views back down on the harbor and the city and it was worth the stop.

After that she took me back down to the Octagon (the main center of town) where there were many shops and touristy things going on. There were some neat old churches as well. We also checked out some of the beaches nearby and the smell of the salty air was imprinted firmly on my mind. The other neat thing about Dunedin was the port. The logging mills nearby made the air smell like sawdust and there was an amazing church perched in the hills that I could see right from the boat.

Here are a few more of the pictures from that day stop in Dunedin:

The logs waiting to be shipped.

The church in the hills at the port.

The church in the Octagon

Larnach Castle

Larnach Castle gardens

More of the view from Larnach. I couldn't get down to that lookout with my chair but I really didn't have to.

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  1. Gord Wallen says:

    That’s amazing!

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