My accessible travels: The “sounds” of NZ


Waking up in Milford Sound, NZ

I thought it might be cool to post some quick blurbs about places I’ve managed to go despite my wheelchair and muscular dystrophy. The first place I thought would make sense to mention, is the place you see in the header on my blog. I can’t remember whether it’s Doubtful or Dusky sound in New Zealand but I took it as our cruise ship sailed along the coast of the southern island of New Zealand. We woke up in Milford Sound then spent the day cruising the other sounds. Most of the time we were the only boat within sight.

People either love cruises or they don’t. I find them the best way to deal with traveling in a wheelchair. You get to see a lot without the hassle of getting from place to place. I wish there were more pre-planned accessible cruise tours so you can easily leave the boat when it’s docked, but you can plan your own and get out and see the ports of call on your own. Sometimes it’s nicer than having to crowd on a bus with 100 other people. Here are a few more photos from that part of New Zealand. Make sure to click on them for the bigger view.

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