My helpful transfer board


I used a transfer board for the first time when I began using a manual wheelchair. It helped when getting over the gap and into a car, particularly when traveling and using a rental vehicle. It was also helpful to transfer to regular chairs and the my bed. It seems as though the “gap” is wider when using a manual chair because the wheel location forces you to be farther away from your landing destination. Here’s the transfer board I use:

I still keep it around nowadays but don’t find myself needing it as much now that I have a power chair and and accessible van. My transfers are easier with the power chair because I can get much closer to the chairs, my bed, and everywhere else I transfer to.

But even though there’s only a slight chance I might need it, there are times when it comes in handy. For example, if I am wearing pants that aren’t “slide” friendly like corduroys, the slippery transfer board helps a lot. I have also taken it with me on trips, especially when a regular rental car is involved and I temporarily go back to using a manual chair.

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