My wheelchair batteries


I have a Quickie S646-SE (same as just the 646 but with faster motors) that I use for daily use and wheelchair tennis. I often get asked about my batteries and what works best. I have had really good luck with the DCM0075 batteries from Interstate Batteries.

They last at least a day even with lots of travel. I usually charge every night, but can let it go two nights if I forget or am being lazy.

You want to make sure you get a mobility-specific battery, essentially a sealed gel cell, deep-cycle battery for this chair. What I like about Interstate is that they have a ton of different batteries so no matter what wheelchair you have they can usually set you up. I know several medical vendors that get the batteries from Interstate then tack on their medical markup, so you might as well just go straight to the source.

Check out Interstate Batteries now.

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4 Responses to My wheelchair batteries

  1. Luke Lacy says:

    Whats alot of travel? could you guess in miles? im outdoors alot and would like to be able to go 10-15 miles

    • Dan says:

      Definitely at least 10 miles. I am sure I’ve gone more than that. This is after the batteries are “broken in” meaning they have undergone a regular charge for a couple weeks. I recommend starting with smaller ranges and checking out how many bars your chair has left afterwards. If you are planning on going really far, bring a portable charger with you. If you need a recommendation on one of those, let me know.

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