No, I don’t have MS and I’m not from Minnesota


People are funny. Whenever I tell someone I have muscular dystrophy, inevitably two seconds later they refer to someone they know with MS. It happens ALL THE TIME. Just the other day in the laundry room a stranger asked, “May I ask what happened?”

“I have muscular dystrophy,” I said.

“Oh, I have a boss that has MS. She takes lots of pills for that…” replied the lady.

I usually don’t correct someone when they make a mistake, especially if I don’t plan on ever seeing them again. Maybe I should. I usually correct people when they make the same mistake with where I was born.

“Oh I have relatives in Minnesota!” they’ll say just seconds after I tell them I am from Wisconsin. Even some people I’ve known for a long while still think I am from Minnesota originally. Whenever it comes up I don’t hesitate to correct them, “I am NOT from Minnesota!!!! The Vikings SUCK!” I will remind them in my most understated Wisconsin accent. I don’t really mind, but it’s fun to tease them.

I guess when it comes to diseases, maybe it’s not the best comedy material. But it would be nice to somehow politely point out that MS is not MD without implying “You’re such an idiot — I’m really not sure why you think muscular dystrophy would be abbreviated MS!”

It’s probably just some weird wiring in the human brain that it happens so often. Nevertheless I am still working on some answers to try out.

God knows I’ll get another chance soon.

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One Response to No, I don’t have MS and I’m not from Minnesota

  1. Brad says:

    Great post I face this all the time. One day someone actually said isn’t MD a blood disorder, in my head I’m NO, but I just let it go! People are funny!

    Also I love the title of this post, great stuff!

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