Pants and Intimidation


Muscular Dystrophy PantsUp until 8th grade I played basketball despite having muscular dystrophy. One of the lessons I took from that came from the pep talk our coaches would always give us before each game. If we were playing an especially tough opponent they would remind us that “These kids put their pants on just like you — one leg at a time!”

This statement had always held true for me and helped me to make some potentially intimidating experiences much less so. However when I started using a wheelchair I realized it was one big lie — not everyone puts their pants on one leg at a time! For me, the best way to put on pants is two legs at a time!

I’m not sure it makes me more intimidating but you definitely do what you have to when it comes to adapting to a disability. Hopefully I can run into my old coaches sometime and share this piece of knowledge.

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