Parent Tips Week: Don’t let worrying get in the way


Even though I’m guilty of it, I’ve always believed that worrying accomplishes nothing. When we worry, we typically imagine the absolute worst case scenarios about the situation we are focusing on. How often does that happen? Rarely, if ever. For me, never. I refuse to waste my breath, my thoughts, my energy on worrying about the worst case.

Tip #3: Don’t let worrying get in the way

If you worry so much that you prevent your child from having a life full of adventure and fun and learning, then what is affecting their life more — you or muscular dystrophy?

My mom worried a lot, my dad did not — or at least he didn’t show it. Nevertheless I did the things I would have done anyway — like go away for college, travel, and keep playing tennis. I can’t imagine a life where I didn’t do any of those things because my parents worried so much about me and stopped me from living.

Worry and concern are very different things to me. You can be concerned without worrying. Concern seems more normal and healthy to me. So keep an eye on your attitude. Are you concerned or are you worried? To me, concern means staying conscious of needs and assisting when necessary. You’ve moved past concern into worry when you find yourself frantic over something that hasn’t even happened. A good self-check might be to ask yourself “Is my attitude getting in my kid’s way more than their disorder?”

It’s difficult to tell people how to avoid worrying. I think we all have to figure out our own means of worry management either by trial and error or through therapy. All I know is that worrying too much never helped me get anything done and just made my own mom crazy.

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