Parent Tips Week: Remember that all of life is uncertain


I’ve gotten many emails from frantic parents who just found out that their child has or may have muscular dystrophy. This feeling is completely normal and I wouldn’t expect anything less from a parent. A diagnosis creates a ton of questions and worries. Whenever I personally start to worry about myself, I remind myself of this:

Tip #2: Remember that all of life is uncertain

A diagnosis of muscular dystrophy doesn’t make a child’s future any more or less certain than it was already. Nobody knows what they will do, where they will go, and how long they will live. We all have a story line and a time line. Nobody knows what theirs is. Our goal is to make each story as great as we can.

If nothing else, a diagnosis of muscular dystrophy is one of the better reminders not to take life for granted. It’s a reminder that in every life there is uncertainty so we should take advantage of what life has to offer whenever we can. Imagine what you might do differently now. Will you take that special family trip? Will you take time to eat family dinners? Will you focus on some of the things in life that are more important?

So take control of the uncertainty and be certain to focus on what is important now. This will ensure many years of happy times that you appreciate more than you ever could.

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