Say no to underwear


I’m not afraid to say it — I haven’t worn underwear in the years since I started using a wheelchair. I implore anyone who thinks this is unacceptable to try pulling up your underwear and pants while in a seated position and get back to me. (Remember, you can’t lift up both cheeks at the same time, either!) It’s a pain in the ass. Finally I was like, “Why do I keep doing this?!?!!” After all, we all know Britney doesn’t wear any. Why should I?

Either the underwear would bunch up and make it difficult to get everything in place, or I’d end up having to do the pulling-up hassle twice — first pull up underwear, then pull up the pants. It’s just such a waste of time.

Maybe I am not aware of the overall advantages of wearing underwear, but I have discovered a couple advantages to not wearing it, aside from making getting dressed much easier:

1. Cuts down on laundry.

2. Easier access for going to the bathroom.

3. Saves time.

4. Less packing when you travel.

I am sure there are others that I just can’t think of right now. One might be that you can get a wardrobe filled with brown and black pants and never have to see skid marks ever again. But I digress.

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One Response to Say no to underwear

  1. Sherry says:

    I loved this post!! Oh my gosh it made me laugh, my boyfriend has MD and I have suggested this to him before because I am the one that ends up doing the “pulling-up” hassle as he rocks back and forth, and we do it TWICE, unless it is time for bed in which case I would just pull up the boxers and pants off, haha!

    I love how you wrote this in such a comical way, I just discovered this blog today and I am addicted, keep doing what you do, I think you are awesome!

    PS: He only wears dark khaki’s so there maybe no problem with the skids HAHA

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