Sometimes it just takes a small push


There are times when I feel stuck. I could be physically overwhelmed or mentally blocked.

Take for example getting out of bed. When I am traveling and the hotel bed is a little too mushy, I can easily get stuck while trying to get in or out. Normally I can remedy this myself by using momentum and repeated attempts to get where I need to go. But when help is readily available, I notice that the assistance I need is usually quite minimal. Sometimes it’s as easy as a quick pull one direction or another and the movement is completed.

I have noticed this to be true on so many occasions. For example, if I am transferring from one seat to another, a slight push or pull in the right direction makes a transfer very easy. Without it I might struggle for ten minutes trying to get over the gap.

When my wheelchair gets stuck going up a small step, sometimes it just takes a quick bump against the back of my chair to get me past the hurdle. This saves me time trying to attack the step or find another route.

There are also times when I am working and can’t seem to get myself going mentally. I waste time surfing the internet or by procrastinating. I find that if I can just commit myself to working for five or ten minutes, I can usually jumpstart my entire day.

Whenever I find myself in a situation that seems too difficult or impossible or too much work, I have to recall all those instances where a little nudge in the right direction made everything start moving again — times when a small push or a pull or a tug or a bump made all the difference and was just what I needed.

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