Stop asking fearful questions once you’ve answered them


I was brainstorming a list of some of the things that can hold a person back. The first thing that came to mind was FEAR. In fact a few of the other things that came to mind like “worrying about embarrassment” and “worrying about falling” are really just the same — fear.

I find myself wrapped up in fear sometimes without even thinking. Whenever my mind wanders down that road filled with “What if?” questions, inevitably the questions revolve around fear. “What if there is no ramp?” “What if I get stuck?” and so on.

Asking those questions are important…ONCE. Being prepared is a great thing. But if you have created your methods for being prepared, then it’s a waste of time asking those fearful questions ever again. Usually those questions end up becoming an excuse not to do something.

It’s a great thing to ask different types of “What if?” questions — questions like, “What if I go and have a great time?” “What if I meet someone new and exciting?” “What if I learn something awesome?”

Those questions always seem to have different answers…which is why I love them!

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