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Wheelchair accessible taxis

There should me more wheelchair accessible taxis, plain and simple. Every city in the United States is different, with some having more accessible taxis than others. However there are often many issues with wait times, cost, and convenience because there … Continue reading

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My wheelchair batteries

I have a Quickie S646-SE (same as just the 646 but with faster motors) that I use for daily use and wheelchair tennis. I often get asked about my batteries and what works best. I have had really good luck … Continue reading

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Darius Goes West

Shortly after I went through my quest to find the right wheelchair, I came across the trailer for the movie Darius Goes West — essentially a documentary about how Darius goes on journey with many of his friends. The goal … Continue reading

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The friend that pushed me around Australia

I went to Australia with a good friend of mine from high school about the time I was struggling to walk safely outdoors but not using a wheelchair full time. I borrowed a manual wheelchair from a local vendor and … Continue reading

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When kids ask questions about my disability

Kids can ask embarrassing questions. Having muscular dystrophy you start to get the questions about the same time you start to walk funny. I find it happens most often in the grocery store when the kids are strapped in cart … Continue reading

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Wheelchair Advantage: Airline Upgrades

I fly by myself quite frequently and have been upgraded to first class many times — always without asking. I doubt I would have received any of these upgrades if I hadn’t been in a wheelchair. I also think had … Continue reading

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When should I give up on walking?

Walking is an advantage as a human because the world is set up for walkers. I walked until just past 30, when I decided that using a wheelchair would benefit me much more than what was left of my walking … Continue reading

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How to find a cheap wheelchair

I have yet to get a wheelchair through insurance. First of all, my insurance wouldn’t approve the chair I wanted with the features I needed. Second, the deductible on my insurance is actually more than I’ve seen some used wheelchairs … Continue reading

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My first day using a power wheelchair

I didn’t start using a wheelchair until I was about 30. A the time I was still walking and the chair I was getting had a vertical seat lift that could lift me up so I could stand up more … Continue reading

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Flying to Italy in my wheelchair

One summer I was traveling to Italy by myself to play in a tennis tournament and didn’t know a word of Italian. But I figured as long as I knew how to say “Hello,” “Thank you,” and “Do you speak … Continue reading

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