Tell me something I can’t do and I’ll tell you how I can do it


The shower is a great place to just soap and think. This morning I was trying to list things that someone might tell me I can’t do anymore and then think of a way to do it. Here’s my short list. Add your ideas in the comments!

1. Climb a mountain

I remembered reading this story about a paraplegic climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro. But there are other ways to climb a mountain too. I could take a ski lift or a tram. I could saddle up on the back of a horse or a person and be carried up the mountain. I could probably crawl up a path on the side of a small mountain, but that still would qualify for climbing a mountain. Not sure I’d go that far to prove the point, but it would still be possible!

2. Play basketball/hockey/soccer/insert sport here

There are all sorts of ways to play wheelchair or adaptive sports. I have already played wheelchair tennis. There’s wheelchair rugby, basketball, sled hockey, adaptive skiing, power soccer, and a whole slew of adaptive sports out there. I even had a guy telling me about how he goes water skiing despite being a quadriplegic!

3. Go camping

There are all sorts of adaptive camping equipment from tents to trailers to you name it. Of course people define “camping” in a variety of ways. We used to take a TV with us in our camper when growing up. I came across this neat adaptation to a pop-up trailer that allows a wheelchair to enter. Neat!

4. Build a house

I can’t find the Youtube video now, but I once saw a short series about a guy who used a wheelchair and was building a cottage by himself. When he needed help he asked for it, but he did most of the work himself. If you think about it, why wouldn’t this be possible?

5. Make a million dollars

There are many disabled millionaires out there. Granted some of them have won court cases. However, there are several self-made disabled millionaires out there that have started businesses, saved their earnings, owned real estate, and done a lot of productive work. Just because you’ve got muscular dystrophy or a disability doesn’t mean you can’t start a business or save your pennies!

6. Travel around the world

As far as I know this has been done several times, depending on how you count going around the world. You could cruise, fly, take a variety of transportation methods. This guy is going to do it starting this June. Amazing!

The list goes on and on and on…come up with your own crazy idea and figure out a way to make it happen. Post it in the comments!

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One Response to Tell me something I can’t do and I’ll tell you how I can do it

  1. Brad says:

    The building a house thing very cool. I’m trying to start my own business reviewing cars for a living just need more opportunities then maybe I can save all my pennies and become a millionaire, the lotto isn’t working lol! Camping done that before having sleep apnea I’ll have to get a site with electricity :-) When it comes to crazy idea I am working on something right now to rasie awareness and funds for Muscular Dystrophy, I’ll just need to support of a vehicle manufacturer thats all I can share now. If I can figure out a way to make it happen I will. I would also like to become a race car driver hey with hand controls anything is possible right? Great post Dan!

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