The friend that built my platforms


Getting up from chairs got really difficult at around age 25. For work I would sit on drafting chair that I would literally inch up and up to raise myself so I could stand up on my own. This got to be tiresome.

So my friend and business partner was nice enough to build me a platform for my recliner and a platform for my desk and office chair. This meant I could walk over and sit down at an elevated level. Then I was all set to stand up without any effort. I could just slide off the chair. It probably took him many hours to build but it saved me a tremendous amount of difficulty and made the whole process of standing up much safer.

This same friend has rescued me countless times when I have fallen down or needed help as well. There was one time when I got a litter over zealous exercising on the pilates machine and he had to drive from home to my house to pull me off the thing. Thank God for him and for cell phones!

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