The Mind and the Brain


I find books about the brain fascinating because the brain is what drives every movement, decision, and reaction. I also like reading about the power of the brain because the brain doesn’t get weaker with muscle loss. It gets stronger.

What I liked about this book is that there are descriptions of several experiments and case studies that show you exactly what the brain is capable of when it comes to adapting. It’s motivating to know what is possible inside your head even when your arms and legs aren’t working at 100%.

A main concept of the book is neuroplasticity — or the “rewiring” of the brain to accommodate brain damage or other damage to the body. The idea is that your brain can learn to do old things a new way. I find this to be particularly true as time goes on and I still can do something I really shouldn’t be able to do anymore.

So check out The Mind and the Brain for a very interesting read.

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