These should be in every airport


I wear suspenders now when I fly because there was a time once when I was being lifted from my plane seat onto the aisle chair and my pants got stuck on the armrest. The flight attendants sure got a show that day! Most of the time when I am lifted into or from my seat, the process goes fine if the lifters know what they are doing. But there are a times when either the people sent to help me can’t physically lift me or the people sent to do the job don’t know what they are doing. This can all be solved with the Eagle Lift.

I used this in Australia and it’s available at select airports (I’ll find out in a few weeks) like Minneapolis and LAX. I REALLY hope they are available because I happen to transfer through both of those airports on my next trip.

The unit uses a sling that easily straps under you and a person of any size can operate the unit. It actually lifts you out of your wheelchair and then when you’re on the plane it will drop you right in your seat! It’s great! If you get a chance to contact your local airport, do so and request that they get some of these.

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