Use music to incrementally improve your mood


Music has the ability to stir emotions. Sometimes the song itself creates an atmosphere of sadness or happiness or complete hysteria. Other times, the song is attached a sad, happy, or hysterical memory which makes us experience those motions all over again. Although it’s difficult to anyone to change their mood in an instant, I have found that creating a mood-changing playlist can do wonders to make me go from sad or depressed to happy simply by listening. Here’s how it works:

First, when you are in a normal mood, go through your music library and discover songs that evoke strong emotions or are attached to various happy and sad memories. You can gather as many songs as you like, but I’d recommend finding at least ten songs with varying degrees of emotional response attached to each one.

Next, order the songs from saddest to happiest or most depressing to most uplifting. If you find that your list weighs to heavily to one side or the other, revisit your music library. The goal is to find a list of songs that can incrementally go from sad to happy.

Now you’re set. Here’s how you use the list.

When you find yourself in a crummy mood or want to go from a blah mood to a better mode, find your mood-changing playlist. Scan the list for a song that matches your current mood. I like to start in the middle and if that song isn’t sad enough, then get sadder. If it’s not happy enough, move towards the happier songs until you find a good starting place.

Finally, when you settle on the song that matches your mood, press play and just listen. Hopefully, if this works for you, you’ll find yourself moving towards a better mood with each song.

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One Response to Use music to incrementally improve your mood

  1. Brad says:

    Music sure makes me feel good when I am down it also helps lift me up and give me a better attitude! Having a great attitude goes along way when living with this!

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