Weight belt as a leg strap


One of my biggest pet peeves once I started to use a wheelchair was that my knees and parts of my legs would always rub against the footrests because they’d always want to push apart. I discovered the knee pad attachments for a wheelchair can run around $600 and make your chair look even bulkier than it already is.

I solved this problem by starting to use a weight belt as a leg strap and it worked amazingly! I particularly recommend the Altus weight belt because it’s very thin and has a lot of velcro so it stays very secure.

Aside from solving the initial problem I discovered that using a weight belt as a leg strap had some added benefits:

1. When driving it made it much easier to move my leg from the gas to the brake.
2. When getting into bed, I can take the strap off my legs and then use it to pull my foot up into bed.
3. When showering I can use the strap to pull my foot over a bath tub ledge.

Typically one of these belts will last anywhere from 12-18 months for me. The only issue is that the velcro starts to accumulate lint or other things that make it slightly less effective. I do recommend having an extra strap on hand just in case you lose your first one or something happens to the main one you are using.

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