What is disability discrimination if not this…


I have been researching some possible vacation ideas, specifically cruises in the British Isles. One of the cruise lines, Windstar, talks about accessibility on their cruises, which can be found here.

Windstar does not discriminate against persons on the basis of disability. We seek, to the extent feasible, to accommodate the needs of persons with disabilities. There are no elevators on the Wind Star and Wind Spirit nor were the ships originally constructed to be wheelchair accessible. As a result, these three ships may be unsuitable for people relying solely on wheelchairs. The Wind Surf is equipped with elevators, but staterooms are not wheelchair accessible. Also note, there is no elevator access to board the ship. Certain ports require the ship to anchor; in this case guests must be ferried into port. Service animals are permitted on board ships if prior arrangements have been made at time of booking. In limited situations where an individual with a disability would be unable to satisfy certain specified safety and other criteria, even when provided with appropriate auxiliary aids and services, we may find it necessary to ask the individual to make alternative travel arrangements. It is essential that Windstar is notified of any special medical, physical or other requirements you may have at the time of booking.

So no elevators to get on the ship that has elevators. And even if you get on that ship, your stateroom isn’t going to be accessible either. And at any time they could tell you to make your own travel arrangements? Isn’t this pretty much saying, “Don’t bother cruising with us?”

I had to post this because it is one of the most blatant examples of  actions speaking louder than words. If you are not taking steps to make your business accessible, then you ARE discriminating, no matter what you FAQ says.

So needless to say, I won’t be cruising on Windstar…

Anybody have any good British Isles cruising tips?

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